MBCY Trauma-Informed Yoga Trainings

Yoga Alliance Certifications

yoga alliance certifications

MBCY Trauma-Informed Certifications

are mindful life trainings.

More than 200 passionate yoga teachers are serving humanity with MBCY trauma-informed techniques, researched by Duke University.

Trauma-Informed yoga transforms ANY life path.

Thousands of yoga students have benefited from nina be's MindBody Centering Yoga Alliance Certifications.

In fact, yoga therapist nina be's unique trauma-informed approach is so powerful that many students attend trainings even if they don't even want to be yoga teachers.

yoga therapist

hi, I'm nina be

Yoga is a living practice, as you may know. And, in this world we live in, trauma is a part of being alive at this moment.

As a yoga therapist and spiritual guide my practice has led me to understanding the transformations of trauma in my own life, and the lives of others. I lead from that place and teach others to do the same.

I am one of the first instructors in the country to advocate for trauma-informed yoga classes & instruction.

By joining a training, you are committing to yourself, to cultivating resilience, and the living practice of acknowledging & experiencing that everything turns to gold.

Upcoming MBCY Trauma-Informed Yoga Certifications

Whether you are new to

 becoming a yoga teacher, 

or seek in-depth trauma-informed training,

 nina be has the training for you.

yoga alliance certification testimonial from past YTT graduate

Yoga Trainings = Life Trainings

Whether you are fairly new to YOGA or have been practicing for awhile and want to go deeper, one thing is for sure, the yoga that you'll learn in these trainings is a Living Practice. It always will be.

COVID regulations during your MBCYTT Programs::

We know that the Yoga environment is a sanctuary of cleanliness.

In that Spirit, we will make sure that you feel surrounded by care.

All indoor MBCYTT classes will be masked. Everyone is asked to wear a mask.

Everyone is asked to submit a recent negative Covid test before attending classes. You can submit a photo of your info to my phone~ 919-559-0464.

We appreciate you taking ownerships for supporting everyone's health and wellness!