MBCY Yin Therapeutics with Expressive Writing

an 8-week Series :

Unlocking the power within:

Healing trauma through the body's wisdom, tapping into the sacred energy centers of the chakras, meridians, and heart with compassionate and attentive awareness.

🟣 Fall course dates 🟣

🔔 September 21, 28, October 5, 12, 19, 26, November 2 , 9 🔔

Join us live @ Studio Be or via Zoom

For an 8-week series :

transforming trauma with embodiment :

deep listening into the chakras, meridians & heart

  30-credit hours with Yoga Alliance

Join yoga therapist and teacher nina be's incredible 8-week series of MBCY Yin Therapeutics with expressive writing!

Experience the power of deep listening as we learn about the subtleties of our body, mind, and heart.

This will help us find resources for strength and resilience that are in harmony with ourselves.

This transformative series is perfect for people who want to become yoga teachers, therapists, parents, business owners, leaders, or creatives and want to help people, families, and communities heal from trauma.

So, come along, and let's embark on this uplifting journey together!

  • Move more naturally, with greater ease and skill.
  • Learn how to relieve pain.
  • Gain vitality, strength, flexibility, flow, and ease through letting go.
  • Improve range and strength of movements.
  • Embody a positive mental attitude towards yourself and others. 
  • Transform anxiety, depression, stress and trauma with somatic embodiment, deep listening and understanding.
  • Communicate and engage with your underlying loving kindness.
  • Stand up and speak up from your foundation of noble truth.
  • Calibrate and modulate reactivity.
  • Transmit ease and coherence through your thoughts, words, and actions.
  • Coordinate and maintain agreements of integrity & balance.

This 8-week MBCY yin yoga course will explore how to listen into and awaken the energy of the body, mind, and heart through the sciences of the chakras and meridians. In addition, we will focus on how to unwind the body's communication of states of distress, moving from the more yang expression to the more yin expression.

Each week we will explore a thread of the above systems that comprise the MindBody Centering Yoga Methodology for Transforming Trauma as we voyage through 6 main chakras and their fields.

We will explore systems of working with dislodging trauma from the body, mind, and heart. 

Our resources for these systems are::


  • Fascial Tissue Theory from Gil Headly
  • PolyVagal Theory with S. Porgess
  • Embodied Yoga:: Organs and Developmental Patterns with Bonnie Baimbridge Cohen

Suggested Books::

  • The Book of Shiatsu::The 5 Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine by Paul Lundberg
  • Yin Yoga Theory by Bernie Clark
  • Breathe, You're Alive by Thich Nhat Hanh

🛑 Greetings, yogis! Our Mindbody Centering Yoga Yin Therapeutics with Expressive Writing series is 🛑

Greetings! Our Mindbody Centering Yoga Yin Therapeutics with expressive writing series is underway. Don't worry if you missed the enrollment period. You are welcome to drop in for a single class at any time. Although we recommend attending all sessions to get the most out of practice, we understand that life can get in the way sometimes. So, please join us whenever you're able to. We'd love to see you on the mat!
🛑 Greetings, yogis! Our Mindbody Centering Yoga Yin Therapeutics with Expressive Writing series is 🛑