MBCY 300-hr of Trauma-Informed Yoga Training: Become a level ll Certified Teacher

with nina be

Having trouble keeping up with the demands of your job as a business owner, mental health worker, caregiver, or teacher?

The fast-paced and stressful nature of these professions can lead to burnout and feelings of disconnection from your body, affecting your mental and physical well-being...

Are you struggling with traumatic experiences?

Do you need personal growth and transformation in your journey towards living a fulfilling life?

Having difficulty incorporating mindfulness and yoga into your life?

Do you desire to further develop your understanding and practice in a structured, supportive environment?

Having difficulty finding a sense of direction or purpose in your life?

Do you need support and guidance in developing your skills and compassionate presence?

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(nina be, your primary instructor for this 300-hour MBCY course. MindBody Centering Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training)

Embark On A Transformative Journey

You will get help on your path to living transcendence from yoga therapist, nina be (C-IAYT, E-RYT-500, MA., MED., NBCC, Dharma-800), an expert in embodied anatomy, mindfulness meditation, and transforming trauma techniques.

Discover a new level of self-awareness and peace with the following:

  • Expert knowledge in embodied anatomy, mindfulness meditation, and trauma techniques.
  • Personalized support from yoga therapist, nina be, to help you achieve your goals and overcome obstacles.
  • Techniques to unlock your full potential and experience true living transcendence.

Transform Your Life

Get the opportunity to deepen your understanding and practice of yoga and mindfulness through committing to a vegetarian lifestyle, daily practice, and community service, as part of the trauma-informed MBCY teacher training program.

Join our trauma-informed MBCY teacher training program and experience the following:

  • A nourishing and empowering journey as you commit to a peaceful and eco-friendly lifestyle.
  • Daily opportunities to deepen your understanding with guided practice and meditations.
  • A supportive community of like-minded individuals as you give back through community service.

Unlock your Inner Potential

Get the chance to cultivate a compassionate presence and develop relevant skills through guidance and support as part of the MBCY curriculum, in order to pursue your authentic path.

Join us and gain the following benefits:

  • Cultivate highly developed skills needed to succeed on your chosen professional path.
  • Personalized guidance and support from yoga therapist, nina be (C-IAYT, E-RYT-500, MA., MED., NBCC, Dharma-800).
  • The opportunity to grow and evolve in a supportive, inclusive environment.

AMAZING RESULTS: From The Yoga Community

"During a major transition in my life and at a time when I needed to process childhood trauma, I attended Nina Be’s training..."

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Hi, i'm nina be

🔽 (C-IAYT, E-RYT-500, MA., MED., NBCC, Dharma-800) 🔽

This 300-hour course will cover the following modules:

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